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These types of things can feel huge as they pile up: "When you do not appreciate that special person in your life or the little things they do for you, they will slowly stop showing affection or perform little things," relationship coach Melinda Carver tells Bustle.

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But unfortunately, this type of person is everywhere — and it could even be you, or your partner.

Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships , $3, Amazon"Either partner can really put a cloud over their relationship by being negative or projecting negativity in the relationship,"Rob Alex, who created Sexy Challenges and Mission Date Night with his wife, tells Bustle.

I asked her what she envisioned that scared her so and she responded, 'I saw him giving so much that eventually I could not compete.

I am nice and giving, but this was incredibly uneven and it made me uncomfortable.'" If you're doing too much for your partner, or vice versa, it's time for a serious heart to heart. "Introducing your partner in a way that makes them sound inferior," Danielle Sepulveres, sex educator and author of Losing It: The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin , tells Bustle.

"This is how couples become content instead of active in their dialogue." And we all know that just being content leads to complacency — never a good place to be. If you can't be actively present, let them know and spend time time doing you.

Like being too nice, there is such a thing as being too generous.

(And let's be real: Harmful relationships are way too prevalent in this day and age, having made their way into the mainstream in a major way — shoutout to Britney Spears' song.)In this case, the doctor is not necessarily a person in a white lab coat, but rather love experts who weighed in on toxic interpersonal habits you or your partner might be falling into, which, to be frank, are mostly rather subtle.

You or anyone you know might be guilty of any number of them.

Alarming, perhaps; but the cool thing is that just recognizing such behaviors is the first step to eliminating them and letting them go.


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  4. Little boys in the same household are generally coddled. These men usually evolve into men who end up being taken care of by women.

  5. This approach of hinging friends of friends and providing more information makes it easier to find a girl to be your girlfriend.

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