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This can help you pinpoint which topics need your attention, or navigate more quickly to regularly used labels.To change when these display, open your Gmail settings, click on the "Labels" tab, and find the label that you want to update.If you’re worried about staying organized, you can still search by the receiving address by using a Once you have your labels—we’ll cover label in-depth in a minute but you can think of them as "folders" for the time being—and your inbox all set up, you can customize the left-hand navigation that appears on every Gmail screen to show direct links to messages with those labels.

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The built-in keyboard shortcuts are by far the fastest way to use Gmail.

Although they take a bit of getting used to—it took me about a week to master—it'll shave seconds off everything you do in Gmail, from reading mail to organizing your inbox.

The next four options split your inbox into two or more sections, displaying the inbox's focus first (under a header) and all other emails below it, under subsequent header(s).

A small tip but one you'll notice every day: on top of how you organize your inbox, make sure to set what Gmail calls "display density." The feature, which is quick to access from the gear icon in the upper right corner, changes the spacing between the elements of your inbox.

Like it or not, email is often the cornerstone of your personal and professional communications.

As a result, there are hundreds of people vying for attention in your inbox.

Or if you're more of a visual learner, check out Google's Gmail Shortcut Stickers in their online merchandise store.

You can tell that the Gmail team loves to experiment: they have five baked-in ways to sort your inbox, plus a tabbed system that automatically sorts emails based on subject matter.

When using the Default inbox you have the option to enable Categories, which automatically categorizes your messages into tabs that appear above your inbox.

This effectively gives users up to five sorted inboxes to filter their mail: "Primary" for personal messages, "Promotions" for offers, "Social" for social networking alerts, "Updates" for things like receipts, and "Forums" for online discussions.

Do you really want to go through the hassle of signing in and out of all three of those accounts just to check your mail?

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