Figured I’d leave the dissection for later, we quickly left.

As we were walking out, we spotted the woman walk over to the products that we had handled. Apparently we hadn’t put the products down how she wanted and they had to be moved a millimeter to be just right.

The NBA returns overseas to the United Kingdom Thursday as the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics square-off for a regular season showdown in London. Remember all those games that were played over in Asia?

It’s part of a global initiative to help expand the NBA’s reach well beyond the North American borders, and judging by the game’s growing popularity overseas, it’s working pretty well.

At this point, my gf wanted to leave because it was getting quite embarassing for her.

While I was ok, I did find the whole situation pretty weird and out of place for a sex shop.

There have been 36 combined preseason and regular season matchups played in Japan, China, and Taiwan dating back to 1990, and even more games spread out across the globe in countries like Mexico, Brazil, France, and Spain.

So far, regular season NBA games have been played in Japan, Mexico City, and since 2011, London as part of a push into Europe. Celtics matchup will be the eighth regular season game played in the UK. Both the 76ers and Celtics enter Thursday night’s game as winners of their last four contests.When we’ll walk in the arena, it’s going to look a little different, but once the ball is in the air it’s going to be the same thing as everywhere else.” Embiid: “I’m excited, it’s a chance for me to show the crowd my skills, to show the whole world what I can do.” Covington: “This is a once in a lifetime experience.Not too many people get to do what we’re doing here in London.” (via ) The game will tip-off at 3 p.m.ET and will be aired nationally on NBA TV, as well as online on NBA League Pass and BT Sport.The game will also be live streamed on BT Sport’s Facebook page. Must be a feng shui thing – to maintain the sexual harmony of the shop…or something.


  1. It so happened that, the next day of Karadaiyan nombu, after staging one humorous play, I acted as a married Hindu woman, I had to rush for a lecture, by one guest lecturer from IICT that day….

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