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UPDATE: She texted me last night two hours after our date ended.

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Serbia has a violent history of homophobia, not unlike its neighbouring and post-socialist countries.

And, to be clear, Brnabič was a minister in the previous government, where LGBTQ issues were by no means on the agenda.

I tell her to meet me wearing a skirt or dress at pm at a bar in the college area near the beach.

At I get a text saying, “I’ll be leaving work in a few mins and then I’ll be on my way.” No bother. Geez, maybe Worthless Degrees –these degree things are kinda being over saturated into the market…ya think?

They're also skeptical about what someone like Ana Brnabič can do because the lesbian community in Serbia faces a double stigma – based on gender and sexuality.

So Brnabič, politically speaking, finds herself in a unique position.I walk into another bar and chat with the cute bartender and have a couple of beers. I let my date get to the bar we’re supposed to meet at and I let her wait there by herself for a few minutes. From the start, despite this being her first online/”app” date, she’s extremely talkative and friendly. Despite the fact that she talks a lot, and talks fast, I find her quite pleasant to be around.She asks where I was and I tell her I was busy drinking and flirting with the cute bartender down the block. Eyes light up about work…so she’s typical in that regard. I make fun of her for talking too fast, and she admits no one can keep up with her.He told me that being gay today at least "isn't taboo" compared to 10 years ago, but there's been a deficit of any real, meaningful change.Both Roman and Ivan say that any perceived changes in Serbia are just "cosmetic".I grab her hand as we leave the bar and continue to bust on how nervous and scared I am. Now, I’m too fresh off my recent oneitis to be dumb enough to fall into that trap again.


  1. Its southern extremity, the "Llano Country", as it is called, has a granite foundation, much quarried, and deposits of hematite and magnetite occur here plentifully.

  2. You have to be really clear on that and set your boundaries accordingly. That only means you won’t be meeting the men you are incompatible with and that’s not really a loss.

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