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Although the men listed on the Perverted Justice website are mercilessly hectored by the group's supporters, few have been charged with a crime.

They followed him back to his minivan, berating him for soliciting sex with a minor and filming his hasty retreat.

Within hours, the man's libidinous chat transcript, picture, cell-phone number and e-mail address were posted to, a website run by vigilantes across the United States who troll regional chat rooms hunting for would-be pedophiles.

I have been kicked out of my house indifenitely," wrote a married Arizona man.

In recent months, the group has worked with television stations in eight cities across the nation to bust men on camera.

your 14 and adorable," he wrote the girl, who flirted back.

He e-mailed her a picture of his penis and a couple of pornographic video clips, then arranged to meet her at her apartment when her mother was out of town.

The sensational reports have irked some communities, which have accused the group and the TV stations of endangering local children by bringing sexual predators into their neighborhoods.

Law enforcement officials and seasoned activists who work as decoys in Internet pedophilia investigations have also denounced the group's methods."The biggest difference between them and us is that we are governed by entrapment laws," said Sgt.

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  1. As documented in the Robert Redford film Quiz Show, Twenty-One in the USA caused the great "Quiz Swizz" when Charles van Doren was found to have been given the answers to questions in advance.

  2. Remember that picture of a dog looking at a window, waiting for its owner to return?

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