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One that is immune to code tampering and reversing by detecting the non-self.

We will present the fundamental difference between metamorphic and polymorphic techniques used to evade AV compared to the ones that can be used to resist RE.

Bring your questions, and keep an eye out for late-breaking special guests.

Kor Adana’s interest in technology started as a child when he tried to build a red box to get free calls on pay phones. in IT Network Administration, Kor went on to work in enterprise network security for one of the world’s largest automakers.

Prior to joining Tanium, Ryan was a technical director and lead investigator at Mandiant, where he worked with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations impacted by targeted attacks.

Ryan has presented security research at dozens of events worldwide, including Black Hat, DEFCON, and RSA.By the time he was in middle school, he was building his own computer systems and getting into trouble. He performed penetration testing, designed security policies, managed enterprise-wide e Discovery, and conducted forensics for legal and HR matters.While there, he also worked alongside NASA in a high-profile government investigation.Amro is currently working as a security researcher where his main interests are analyzing malware, vulnerability researching and developing artificial software immunity. ROBOT is a rare treat - a network television show whose hacker protagonist is a fully realized character with a realistically attainable set of skills. One of the main reasons for this verisimilitude is the work of Kor Adana, MR. His fingerprints are on every terminal window in the show.No hyper-typing, no gibberish masquerading as tech jargon, no Mc Guffins to magically paper over plot holes with hacker dust. Another advisor to the show is our very own CJunky - known to the outside world as hacker and raconteur Marc Rogers. ROBOT: the phenomenon, the hacks and the crazy ways the show seems to pull its storylines from the future.He has led training sessions for hundreds of the FBI's cyber squad agents, and was a contributing author for "Incident Response and Computer Forensics, 3rd Edition", published in 2014.

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