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IT guru by day, gamer by night, Bella Swan trudges through December, dreading her workplace's annual Secret Santa exchange.

Sexy, attention-grabbing, and accessorized to the hilt with a mini-crocodile bag and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, the look was everything we’ve come to expect from the bad gal.

The Banking Inquiry opened in December and was told that the Irish Government took the safe option when it came to the bail out with Peter Nyberg saying that “It doesn’t mean they partied but means the boom and bubble made them feel their lives were better.” He also referred to “real estate Mania”.

So, perhaps you have a different perspective on the holiday. Whether it's a winter dreamland glowing in Northern Lights or an ancient red desert under a sky full of stars—we hold the real magic of Christmas in our hearts.

Maybe you save your hot lumberjack of a husband from beady eyes of Christmas tree customers. We understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas. You can expand it later on your whims but please let the story not read like the first chapter but an actual story that ends. Two submissions and two collaborations per person are allowed.6. Original creation, including but not limited to plot and characters, is copyright to the respective authors of each story. It's not a date from any book or calendar, nor flying reindeer or Santa Claus.

Arriving in all-white, Rihanna sported a sleek white Tom Ford jacket worn over a mini-skirt.

She projected cool, especially with the addition of reflective Gentlemonster shades and Off-White’s cheeky “For Walking” boots.

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If you pre-read or beta for any of the entries, please do not reveal the authors’ name on any social networking sites, including this one. We can't wait for you to stuff our stockings this holiday season!

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