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The popularity metric (which isn't displayed on people's profiles) helps them match people with similar status on the site.Misbehaving users are a continuous battle, Maxim says, especially on a free site like Ok Cupid.

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So thank you, and if you've read this wondering if you should give internet dating a try, I'd say go for it.

You might not find your true love as quickly as we did, but it's worth a damn good try.

To determine your best match, we take your profile and match it with what you're looking for in a partner.

Matches are based on over 50 profile attributes using our scientific algorithm.

On any dating site, he says, a small subset of users will receive the majority of the messages.

To even this out they look at the number of unread in-box messages and place users further down the match list if he/she has tons of them.

is the premier online dating website with thousands of success stories from connected singles who looked for friendships, romance, love and marriage.

Our unique scientific matching system calculates perfect matches by comparing your profile with over 10 million active members.

It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. I would never have met my true love had it not been for your site. We've now been together for a fun filled and very happy year.

Not one argument, we get on so well that we are planning the rest of our lives together.

Preventing these types of misuse and play is a big job for online dating companies.


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