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This book will change your life and your ministry, because it will question many 'sacred' ideas that you have held that have no foundation in God's Word.That in turn will save you from regret and loss when you stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of your life to Him. The new wine is the life of Jesus and the new wineskin is the church that Jesus builds.

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We can see the strength of self in the moments of temptation and provocation, when we react with bitter words, angry expressions, self-justification, criticism and judgment of others, unforgiving attitudes, a grabbing-love for material things, fighting for our rights and our reputation, seeking vengeance etc.

These and other similar attitudes show how strong self still is in us - the old wine has not yet run out; and Jesus waits on the sidelines doing nothing for us. I had only heard about you (second-hand) before, but now I have seen you and I loathe myself and repent in dust and ashes'' ().

He is waiting now for our strength to come to an end.

All our failures and defeats are meant by God to bring us to the end, for He can manifest His power perfectly only in our weakness ().

This is a parable of life under the law - the old covenant.

The old wine runs out; and the Lord has to wait until it runs out before He can give us the new wine."For the Lord God says: Only in waiting for Me will you be saved. And the Lord is waiting for you (to come to an end of yourself) and to come to Him, so that He can show you His love; He will conquer you to bless you. Blessed are all those who wait for Him to help them'' ( - TLB) say, We will get our help from Egypt (human strength)! When we have tried and tried and tried to live in victory and failed repeatedly, this is the lesson that God is trying to teach us: "You cannot have victory in your own strength." As long as you are under the law, you will be ruled by sin.Oh that we might all come there quickly and live in that place - with our face in the dust before God - all our days!For there is a development in this life from light to light ().Has the wine run out in our personal life, our married life or our assembly life? He will write His laws in our heart and mind, making us to will and to do His perfect will ().


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  5. And the priest said to Joseph: Fear the Lord your God, and remember what the Lord did to Dathan, and Abiram, and Korah; how the earth opened, and they were swallowed up on account of their contradiction.

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