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I added above Jan Mostaert's portrait of a nobleman, guest of the Queen of Austria.

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Below I will list some of the most famous figures of European modern history (after 1500) who happened to be black or have African ancestry, but were integral parts of European (high) society.

Most of the time the African ancestry of these people is ignored by history books although acknowledged and accepted by most history scholars.

I think it throws a new light on the concepts of race and the meaning of blackness in the 21st century.

Alessandro ‘il Moro’ de Medici 1510-1537 Duke of Florence Abram Petrovich Ganibal 1696-1781 Major-general, military engineer, governor of Reval and nobleman of the Russian Empire Anton Wilhelm Amo 1700-1775 German Philosopher Ignatius Sancho 1729–1780 Author and abolitionist, UKOlaudah Equiano a.k.a.

Estas designações só começaram a ser utilizadas nos anos 80, quando o movimento da consciência negra passou a adotar uma política de união de toda a diáspora africana.

Outra designação considerada politicamente correta é a da cor negra (em inglês, black).

This racial perspective on identity and humanity only gained authority in later modern times. Black people were part of European imagination and reality from very early times. We can say with certainty that there were black people in Europe before that white people reached the area south of the Sahara.

North Africa, Iberia and the Middle East were the crossroad where black and white intermingled.

Remains of a man with black African features were found in England recently, dating his life back to the 13th century. Besides that, facts have been found of black people living in different parts of Europe, although I don’t want to overstate their presence or influence.

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